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Back to the past


Today as thousands years ago, officinal herbs represent a patrimony of reliable and effective remedies to relieve different daily problems. Despite most of them have little or no harmful side effects, it is always advisable to hear an herbalist and, when affected by serious diseases it is better to be cured by a doctor. In order to correctly recover the home use of herbs, it is necessary to mend the cultural tear between the generation of our great-grandparents and of our sons; in other words, the knowledge of healthy herbs must be brought again among people. In this attempt to revaluate the ancient popular wisdom, we cannot underestimate the contribute of the most recent scientific findings, through which many active medical principles have been identified in herbs, as a confirmation of empirical revelations of the past. Also aromatic herbs have become fashionable again. Northern and Mediterranean cuisine are living a very successful moment, while tastes and aromas of our region have overpassed the Alps, finding appreciators also in other parts of the world. This renewed interest in perfumes reminding us of the sun or of the sea and the freshness of a wood, has generated a common desire to avail of a good choice of fresh herbs in our own houses. Despite the market already provides a wide range of dry herbs, their aroma cannot be compared to plants growing in the garden or on the balcony which can be used fresh. Not only is the taste improved, but aromatic herbs also have medicinal properties. Who deals with organic gardening has effectively contributed to the rediscovering of herbs, taking care of including aromatic herbs in gardens. Often these experts are inspired by the kitchen gardens of old farms.

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